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Reynolds Bags

Free Shipping - Fracture by Reynolds Bags

Free Shipping - Fracture by Reynolds Bags

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To break or cause to break. To reach the podium you must break the will of an opponent before being broken. Fracture their will to win, disrupt the path of least resistance. At that point the moment is yours. The game then becomes easy. Nothing else matters. 

The Fracture is hole obsessed and has that relaxed feel that melts with your hand. The fast side tips the scales at a controllable 9 with the slower side clocking in at 6. But don’t let the speed ratings deceive you. This is a fast bag for those with the need for speed, but at the same instance, those who favor a slower bag will also fall in love. It’s a must have in every arsenal. 

After all, Reynolds Bags are for everyone! #bluecollar 

*These bags are ESPN, CBS, and NBC friendly and approved for all ACL tournaments, live streams and broadcasts.

All bags ship day of or next business day! Qty 1 = 4 bags. Call us with any questions 316-531-1300. This is a listing for 4 bags. On the competitive side of cornhole, each side of the bag is made of a different material. Different materials create different frictions when it hits the board and slides. There is a “speed scale” to measure this. It is a general 0-10 scale, 0 being the slowest, 10 being the fastest. 

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