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Howler - Speed 5 & 8

Howler - Speed 5 & 8

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Introducing the "Howler" Pro Cornhole Bag – the game-changing companion for competitive cornhole players who demand unparalleled performance on the boards. Designed to professional specifications, the Howler Pro is engineered to deliver precision and speed, setting a new standard in the world of cornhole.

Each Howler Pro Cornhole Bag is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of the game. With a slow side rated at 5/10 on the speed scale and a fast side rated at 8/10, these bags provide a dynamic range of options for players seeking both control and velocity. Whether you need finesse or power, the Howler Pro ensures you're equipped to make every throw with confidence.

Precision-engineered with professional players in mind, the Howler Pro Cornhole Bag exemplifies durability and performance. The bags are constructed with premium materials and reinforced stitching to withstand the most intense gameplay. Expect consistent performance from the first toss to the last, as the Howler Pro remains reliable and resilient.

The Howler Pro's sleek and ergonomic design ensures maximum grip and control. The bags' superior craftsmanship allows for enhanced accuracy and maneuverability on the court. Every toss feels smooth and effortless, empowering you to dominate the game with finesse and precision.

Whether you're competing at a professional level or seeking to elevate your game to new heights, the Howler Pro Cornhole Bag is the ultimate choice. Experience the thrill of exceptional performance as you unleash the power and control of the Howler Pro. Take your place among the cornhole elite with the Howler Pro – the definitive cornhole bag for champions.

The Howler is manufactured to ACL/ACO/MLC pro specifications.



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