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Titan Bags

Nightmare by Titan Bags - Free Shipping!

Nightmare by Titan Bags - Free Shipping!

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The nightmare is a frightening bag to come up against in a match, and not only because of it's terrifying appearance. The Nightmare is a very difficult bag to prevent from getting in the hole. With it being an easy bag to airmail, and it having the potential for scary cut shots, the Nightmare is your opponent's worst fear! Speed 4/8


      All bags ship day of or next business day! Qty 1 = 4 bags. Call us with any questions 316-531-1300. This is a listing for 4 bags. On the competitive side of cornhole, each side of the bag is made of a different material. Different materials create different frictions when it hits the board and slides. There is a “speed scale” to measure this. It is a general 0-10 scale, 0 being the slowest, 10 being the fastest. 

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