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Screech - Speed 3 & 8

Screech - Speed 3 & 8

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Introducing the "Screech" Pro Cornhole Bag – the ultimate weapon for precision and control on the cornhole court. With its impeccable design and exceptional performance, the Screech Pro is a game-changer for serious cornhole enthusiasts.

Measuring 6 inches in diameter, the Screech Pro Cornhole Bag is crafted to perfection. It strikes the perfect balance between weight and maneuverability, weighing approximately 15.85 ounces. This weight provides optimal stability, allowing for consistent throws and accurate shots.

The Screech Pro features a dual-sided design, offering versatility and adaptability to various playing styles. On one side, you'll find the Slow side, rated at 3/10 on the speed scale. This side ensures precise control and accuracy, making it ideal for strategic shots and controlled throws. On the flip side, the Fast side boasts a rating of 8/10 on the speed scale. This side is designed for maximum slide and speed, allowing you to execute swift shots and launch the bag with precision.

Built to meet the demands of professional players and competitive environments, the Screech Pro Cornhole Bag is meticulously engineered using premium materials. The bag is constructed with durable and resilient fabric that withstands rigorous use and provides exceptional grip and tossability. Its expertly stitched seams ensure long-lasting performance, even during intense gameplay.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring cornhole champion, the Screech Pro Cornhole Bag will elevate your game to new heights. Experience the satisfaction of every toss as you dominate the boards with unrivaled accuracy and speed. Take control of the game with the Screech Pro – the ultimate cornhole bag for champions.

Note: Cornhole bag specifications such as size, weight, and speed ratings may vary slightly based on individual manufacturing processes.

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