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Quality Matters.

  • Our vibrant designs are UV direct printed onto the wood. This means the design will not bubble or peel. Since it is UV cured, the sun will not fade the design.
  • Our boards are made with 3/4" Baltic Birch, the industry standard on the pro cornhole market. This is a premium dense plywood that ensures durability.
  • Your bags will not bounce when playing on our boards. We build our boards with an inset frame and two mid-brace supports to prevent your bags from excessive bouncing.
  • The rounded edges and corners of our boards help protect your bags from snags and tears.
  • Our boards are sturdy and built to withstand the wear and tear of any family.
  • Our cornhole boards are built within the specs, rules ,and regulations of the ACL, ACO, and MLC.
  • Built in the USA.
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Huge Bag Selection

Something unique about The Cornhole Cave is that you can buy multiple brands of bags from the same place. Our storefront and website allow you to see and feel different types of bags from some of the top manufacturers in the game. Here are some of the brands we stock.

  • The Cornhole Cave
  • Lucky Bags
  • BG Cornhole
  • KillShots Cornhole
  • Titan Bags
  • AllCornhole
  • Reynolds Bags
  • Big Daddy Cornhole
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State of the Art Direct UV Printing Technology

Our Story


We founded The Cornhole Cave LLC in March of 2021 as a mobile cornhole shop. Ryan was working full time in the medical sales field, while Jessica was working full time as a fourth grade teacher in Salina, KS. Ryan is an avid cornhole player and was tired of ordering bags and boards only to find something different than what he was looking for in the mail.

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