Collection: Elite Boards


Introducing our Elite Tournament Series Boards! Specifically designed for an unparalleled tournament-level experience, our Elite Tournament Series Boards share the same outstanding specifications and features as those described below.

Our Elite Tournament Series Boards boast a top-notch playing surface with Direct UV Printing and a professional Clear Coating finish.

Experience enhanced stability and weight with our Vertical Interlocking Bracing System and double-thick legs (36mm), complete with the Airmail Blocker Circle Leg Brace showcased in the images. 

Not only do the Elite Tournament Series Boards offer superior performance, but they also provide a quieter playing experience, allowing you to enjoy your game throughout the night. Each board weighs approximately 38lbs, totaling over 70lbs per set!

Crafted with precision using high-quality Direct UV Printed 18mm (3/4″) Baltic Birch, our boards deliver a professional regulation tournament-grade cornhole experience. The Professional Clear Coat ensures a tournament-level finish that remains consistent.

Equipped with Folding Legs and Leg Braces, our boards feature two Support Braces under each top, preventing bags from bouncing or hopping around upon impact. The built-in Carrying Handles on both sides of each board make transporting these heavy-duty boards a breeze!

Precision-cut with industrial CNC routers, each Elite Tournament Series Board measures approximately 24″ by 48″, featuring a centered 6″ hole located 9″ down. The board sits 12″ off the ground at the back and 3.25″ off the ground at the front. With rounded edges and corners on tops, frames, and leg braces, our boards prioritize safety and durability.

Elevate your cornhole experience with the Elite Tournament Series Boards – order yours today! Current 3-4 week lead time